Brady secures ELI funding

January 2022 — Congratulations Brady Sites for winning funding to do projects in the upcoming semester (as well as last semester) through the Engineering Learning Initiatives program!

Kara wins Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer Award

October 2021 — Congratulations Kara Zielinski for winning an Etter Student Lecturer award from the ACA for her talk “Applications of Microfluidic Mixers for Time-Resolved SAXS and Crystallography Experiments”!

Welcome Alex

September 2021 — Alex Kurland, an undergrad in Materials Science, joins the lab, the fourth member of the great Alex/ALEX lineage.  

Kara and George become PhD candidates

September 2021 — Congrats to George Wang and Kara Zielinski for passing their A exams with flying colours, one week apart!

Welcome Brady and Elisa

June 2021 — A warm welcome to Brady Sites and Elisa Kelly, two bright undergrads from the College of Engineering. The lab will greatly appreciate your support!

George wins NSERC graduate fellowship

May 2021 — Congratulations George Wang for securing a 3 year postgraduate doctoral scholarship in cellular & molecular biology from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada!

Welcome Shuo and George

June 2020 — The lab welcomes Shuo Sui, a postdoctoral researcher from U Mass Amherst, and George Wang, a PhD student from the field of Biophysics. 

Lois undergoes a transformation

May 2020 — After six years of diligent service, Lois’s tenure the Director of Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell comes to a conclusion. The position is succeeded by Professor Chris Xu. Congratulations Lois for receiving the honourable John Edson Sweet Professorship in Engineering!

Saying goodbye to six lab members

June 2020 — Congrats to Yen-Lin Chen, Alex Plumridge, Alex Mauney, Andrea Katz, George Calvey, and Derrick Lin for moving onto your next career steps. All the best and we’ll miss you (and all your expertise)!

Alex P and George C take a step forward

May 2017 — Congratulations to Alex Plumridge and George Calvey for passing their A-exams and becoming our newest Ph.D. candidates!

A farewell and a welcome

May 2016 —  Congratulations to our newest Ph.D. Julie Sutton and welcome AEP undergrad Jeffrey Huang!

Bienvenue Josue and Yen!

February 2016 — A warm welcome to starting AEP Ph.D. students Yen-Lin Chen and Josue San Emeterio! Fair journeys on the roads ahead.

Benvenuto Alex and Alex!

June 2015 — The Pollack lab extends a cordial welcome to our newest Ph.D. students Alex Mauney (Physics) and Alex Plumridge (Applied Physics)!

CHESS receives a power-up

October 2014 — Read about the newest upgrades at CHESS in the Cornell Chronicle.  The transition has been challenging, but we look forward to working with brighter X-rays!

Congrats Andrea and Welcome Yunsheng!

September 2014 — Congratulations to Andrea for passing her A-exam and becoming our newest Ph.D. candidate, and welcome to our newest group member Yunsheng Wang!

Press releases for nucleosome unwrapping studies

August 2014 — Our work using time-resolved SAXS with contrast variation to study NCPs has been getting attention in the press. See the articles in the Cornell Chronicle and the CHESS Newsletter. Also check out the original publication here!

Lois takes on new responsibilities

July 2014 — Congratulations to Lois for becoming the new Director of the School of Applied and Engineering Physics!

Congratulations Steve

June 2014 — Congratulations to our newest Ph.D. Steve Meisburger! All the best at Princeton!

Congratulations Josh, Mark, and Peter

June 2013 — Congratulations Josh Tokuda for completing his A-exam and stepping into Ph.D. candidacy. The lab also bids farewell to Mark Landy and Peter Gu in the completion of their projects. Best wishes for your bright futures!

Julie becomes a Ph.D. Candidate

March 2013 — Congratulations Julie Sutton for completing her A-exam!

"A tale of two nucleic acids"

July 2011 — Read about it here.

Congratulations Li Li and Huimin!

June 2011 — Congratulations to two new Ph.D.s  Li Li and Huimin Chen!