RNA Structure

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Polyelectrolyte properties of single stranded DNA measured using SAXS and single-molecule FRET: Beyond the wormlike chain model.
S. P. Meisburger, J. L. Sutton, H. Chen, S.A. Pabit, S. Kirmizialtin, R. Elber, L. Pollack
Biopolymers. 99(12):1032-1045 (2013). [Abstract]

T box RNA decodes both the information content and geometry of tRNA to affect gene expression
J. C. Grigg, Y. Chen, F. J. Grundy, T. M. Henkin, L. Pollack, A. Ke
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110(18):7240-5 (2013). [Abstract]