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Structural enzymology using X-ray free electron lasers
C. Kupitz, J. L. Olmos Jr, M. Holl, L. Tremblay, K. Pande, S. Pandey, D. Oberthür, M. Hunter, M. Liang, A. Aquila, J. Tenboer, G. Calvey, A. M. Katz, Y. Chen, M. O. Wiedorn, J. Knoska, A. Meents, V. Majriani, T. Norwood, I. Poudyal, T. Grant, M. D. Miller, W. Xu, A Tolstikova, A. Morgan, M. Metz, J. M. Martin-Garcia, J. D. Zook, S. Roy-Chowdhury, J. Coe, N. Nagaratnam, D. Meza, R. Fromme, S. Basu, M. Frank, T. White, A. Barty, S. Bajt, O. Yefanov, H. N. Chapman, N. Zatsepin, G. Nelson, U. Weierstall, J. Spence, P. Schwander, L. Pollack, P. Fromme, A. Ourmazd, G. N. Phillips Jr, M. Schmidt.
Struct. Dyn. 4(4):044003 (2017). [Abstract]

Visualizing single-stranded nucleic acids in solution.
A. Plumridge, S. P. Meisburger, L. Pollack
Nucleic Acids Research (2016). [Abstract]

Mixing injector enables time-resolved crystallography with high hit rate at X-ray free electron lasers.
G. D. Calvey, A. M. Katz, C. B. Schaffer, L. Pollack
Struct. Dyn. 3(5):054301 (2016). [Abstract]

Extracting water and ion distributions from solution x-ray scattering experiments.
H. T. Nguyen, S. A. Pabit, L. Pollack, D. A. Case
J. Chem. Phys. 144(21):214105 (2016). [Abstract]

Understanding nucleic acid structural changes by comparing wide-angle x-ray scattering (WAXS) experiments to molecular dynamics simulations.
S. A. Pabit, A. M. Katz, I. S. Tolokh, A. Drozdetski, N. Baker, A. V. Onufriev, L. Pollack
J. Chem. Phys. 144(20):205102 (2016). [Abstract]

SAXS studies of RNA: structures, dynamics, and interactions with partners.
Y. Chen, L. Pollack
Wiley Interdisp Rev RNA. 2016 Apr 12. [Abstract]

Protein-DNA and ion-DNA interactions revealed through contrast variation SAXS
J. M. Tokuda, S. A. Pabit, L. Pollack
Biophys. Rev. 8(2):139-149 (2016). [Abstract]

A microfabricated fixed path length silicon sample holder improves background subtraction for cryoSAXS.
J. B. Hopkins, A. M. Katz, S. P. Meisburger, M. A. Warkentin, R. E. Thorne, L. Pollack
J. Appl. Cryst. 48:227-237 (2015). [Abstract]

Making water-soluble integral membrane proteins in vivo using an amphipathic protein fusion strategy.
D. Mizrachi, Y. Chen, J. Liu, H. M. Peng, A. Ke, L. Pollack, R. J. Turner, R. J. Auchus, M. P. DeLisa
Nat. Commun. 6:6826 (2015). [Abstract]

Accurate small and wide angle x-ray scattering profiles from atomic models of proteins and nucleic acids.
H. T. Nguyen, S. A. Pabit, S. P. Meisburger, L. Pollack, D. A. Case
J. Chem. Phys. 141(22) (2014). [Abstract]

Double-focusing mixing jet for XFEL study of chemical kinetics.
D. Wang, U. Weierstall, L. Pollack, J. Spence
J. Synch. Rad. 21(6):1364-6 (2014). [Abstract]

Breaking the radiation damage limit with Cryo-SAXS
S. P. Meisberger, M. Warkentin, H. Chen, J. B. Hopkins, R. E. Gillilan, L. Pollack, R. E. Thorne
Biophys. J. 104(1):227-36 (2012). [Abstract]

Influenza virus-membrane fusion triggered by proton uncaging for single particle studies of fusion kinetics.
D. A. Costello, D. W. Lee, J. Drewes, K. A. Vasquez, K. Kisler, U. Weisner, L. Pollack, G. R. Whittaker, S. Daniel
Anal. Chem. 84(20):8480-9 (2012). [Abstract]

A microfluidic device that generates hydroxyl radicals to probe the solvent accessible surface of nucleic acids.
C. D. Jones, J. C. Schlatterer, M. Brenowitz, L. Pollack
Lab Chip. 11(20):3458-64 (2011). [Abstract]

SAXS studies of ion-nucleic acid interactions
L. Pollack
Annu. Rev. Biophys. 40:225-42 (2011). [Abstract]

Time resolved SAXS and RNA folding
L. Pollack
Biopolymers, 95, 54. (2011). [Abstract]

Counting ions around DNA with ASAXS
S. A. Pabit, S. P. Meisburger, L. Li, J. M. Blose, C. D. Jones, L. Pollack
L. Am. Chem Soc. 132 (46), pp 16336 (2010). [Abstract]

Using Anomalous small angle x-ray scattering to probe the ion atmosphere around nucleic acids
S. A. Pabit, K.D. Finkelstein and L. Pollack
Methods In Enzymology, Vol 469: Biophysical, Chemical, And Functional Probes Of RNA Structure, Interactions And Folding, Pt B Volume: 469 Pages: 391-410 (2009). [Abstract]

Time resolved x-ray scattering and RNA folding
L. Pollack and S. Doniach, Methods In Enzymology, Vol 469: Biophysical, Chemical, And Functional Probes Of RNA Structure, Interactions And Folding, Pt B Volume: 469 Pages: 253-268 (2009). [Abstract]

Reconstructing three dimensional shape envelopes from time resolved small angle x-ray scattering data
J.S. Lamb, L. Kwok, X. Qiu, K. Andresen, H. Park and L. Pollack
J. App. Cryst. 41, 1046 (2008). [Abstract]

Time-resolved dimerization of a PAS-LOV protein measured with photocoupled small angle x-ray scattering
J.S. Lamb, B. Zoltowski, S. A. Pabit, B. R. Crane and L. Pollack
J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 130, 12226 (2008). [Abstract]

Focusing capillary optics for use in solution SAXS
J.S. Lamb, S. Cornaby, K. Andresen, L.W. Kwok, H.Y. Park, X. Qiu, D.M. Smilgies, D.H. Bilderback and L. Pollack,
J. Appl. Cryst., 40, 193 (2007). [Abstract]

Achieving uniform mixing in a microfluidic device: hydrodynamic focusing prior to mixing
H.Y. Park, X. Qiu, E. Rhoades, J. Korlach, L.W. Kwok, W.R. Zipfel, W.W. Webb and L. Pollack
Anal. Chem., 78, 4465 (2006). [Abstract]